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Why choosing us

Key People For You provides a proven implementation approach to get you up and running fast. Ongoing customer-first support designed to ensure you receive long-term value from your investment with a partner focused on your success. All with a simple, transparent pricing model for no surprises down the road.

Saving money

Key People For You HR needs is generally less expensive than hiring new HR staff, and having your human resources handled by experts can mean lower employee turnover and ultimately less recruiting and training costs.

Reducing risk

A professional HR team can help reduce the risk of employee disputes, discrimination claims and other costly mistakes. Mistakes can be very costly but we can help you avoid that.

100% compliance

For many companies, the greatest benefit of HR outsourcing is the knowledge that you are fully compliant with fair labor laws, workers comp requirements, tax law and other government regulations.

Peace of Mind

Having your company’s HR status in order it’s not only important but also gives you the peace of mind knowing that your company’s compliance is great.

HR Consultant


Recruitment & SELECTION

Focusing only on human resources staffing, we bring extensive and unique experience to the task. Our highest priorities are dedication to performance, integrity and excellence in customer service. We employ the latest technology and a network of candidates to provide award-winning staffing in all regions of the United States and at all levels of HR professional responsibility.

We also put focus on the culture of your company: The style and substance of the workplace has become an increasingly necessary, and visible, piece of business in America. Through our extensive auditing of candidates, we will ensure your staffing needs are met by not only the most qualified, but also those that will be the very best culture fit as well.


Structure and Supervision

Within a highly structured human resources department, an employment manager generally reports to the human resources director. Recruiters and employment specialists have a direct reporting relationship to the employment manager and an indirect reporting relationship to the human resources director. The employment manager is, therefore, responsible for supervising the work of recruiters, employment specialists and, in some cases, human resources coordinators or personnel responsible for processing new employees’ paperwork.

Workforce Planning

Employment managers with extensive expertise related to labor and employment trends play a strategic role in the company’s workforce planning. Workforce planning involves looking at business goals, department staffing needs and labor market changes to determine future hiring needs. Additionally, employment managers work with department managers to improve their hiring decisions and their ability to match employee skills and qualifications to appropriate jobs. Managing your workforce helps bring the strong side of your company to secure growth and economical stability.

Recruitment and Selection

Selecting applicant tracking systems and improving selection processes are also within the purview of employment managers. They assess the company’s need to streamline its recruitment and selection processes through automation and technology. An applicant tracking system is the technology that supports online application processing. Employment managers work with in-house IT staff and applicant tracking system vendors to select a system that meets the company’s current and anticipated needs for improving hiring processes.


It is incumbent upon employment managers to stay abreast of federal and state laws pertaining to fair employment practices. Employment managers ensure the company is in compliance with equal employment opportunity laws that prohibit discrimination in recruitment, training, development, promotion and retention of employees. An employment manager also may be responsible for assessing the effectiveness of the company’s outreach efforts for attracting qualified applicants from diverse backgrounds. Compliance also involves making sure the company is only hiring people who can provide proof of work eligibility. An employment manager should make it a priority to ensure the company obtains documentation from all of its employees regarding eligibility to work.


Seasoned employment managers included in long-range and strategic planning often provide a welcome perspective on outsourcing and training and developing HR employment staff. Outsourcing HR functions is big business with so many providers as well as professional employer organizations that supply HR expertise for virtually any size organization. An employment manager who understands the functions of employment-related jobs versus the company’s investment in hiring and training recruiters and employment specialists is a valuable member of many human resources strategic planning teams. Our company has the resources and know-how to help your business succeed by helping you find the right worker to fit the needs of your company.

Executive & Global Programs

Identifying the right partners around the world and specialized executive programs. Taking care of your employees around the globe and keeping your executives focused on the tasks at hand can be a full-time job. Make the job simpler by partnering with vendor partners whose expertise lie in Executive and Global programs. Today’s talents are spread all over the world and to be competitive in today’s market you need to hire the best talent for your workforce. Our company has a deep understanding where the right talent for your business can be located and we help you place that talent into your workforce. Business need the right people in the right position, where to get the? Well start here!


We are always looking for great professionals to place in positions on companies that we work with. Please upload your resume and your information will evaluated and if there is a position offered by one of our clients that can fit your profile we will contact you and let you know.

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Should my company have an Employee Handbook in place?

Employee handbooks are not required, but they should be a staple to any business and, if written properly and understood by both the company and employees, can help prevent liability. Keep in mind that when you draft a handbook you want it to reflect your company’s actual practices — “say what you do and do what you say”. Employee handbooks set the expectations between the employer and the employee. They should provide clear guidelines on the company’s rules and practices.

As the owner of a business, am I required to complete Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification?

Employers use Form I-9 to verify an employee’s identity and to establish that the worker is eligible to accept employment in the US. Form I-9 requirements are triggered by the hire of an individual for employment. A “hire” is the employee’s actual commencement of employment for wages or other remuneration. If any of the owners are also employees of the company, then each owner is required to complete a Form I-9. Failure to comply with all Form I-9 requirements could result in civil penalties imposed by United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) against the employer. Therefore, as the owner, if you are provided payroll or other remuneration, you are required to meet Form I-9 requirements or face potential penalties.

Who fills out an I-9 form?

Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification, is used by the federal government to verify the identity and authorization of your employees to work in the US. It must be completed for all employees working at your company within three days of their starting date. The form has two parts. The first part, or section 1, is for the employee to complete on the first day of employment. The second part, or section 2, is for the employer to complete within the first three days of the individual’s employment. The employer does this while reviewing the supporting documents that the employee is required to provide.

Can a business require employees to use direct deposit of their paychecks?

Some states make it mandatory for employees to use direct deposit for their paychecks. However, most states prohibit employers from requiring employees to use either direct deposit or pay-card programs.

The duties test that’s used to decide overtime eligibility talks about determining the employee’s“primary duty.” How do we determine that?

An employee’s “primary duty” is the reason he or she was hired by the organization. Employers should review the importance of the employee’s exempt duties versus nonexempt work and how much supervision is needed for the position. Employers can determine this by looking at whether the employee spends 50% or more of their time on exempt tasks.

Can I offer different benefits to different employees?

Employers have discretion when designing their benefit plans and can make eligibility distinctions. These differences should only be based on a bona fide employment-based reason and applied to all similarly situated employees. Examples of employment-based reasons include tenure, full- or part-time status, exempt/nonexempt status, or geographic location.

Do I need to pay an employee for a Company-observed holiday?

t depends. Nonexempt employees must only be paid for time actually worked, so holiday pay is not required; therefore, nonexempt employees may request to use accrued paid time off to cover the closure. Exempt employees must be paid their regular salary, so employers cannot “dock” their pay when the business is closed for less than one week. If your company is closing for two days to observe the 4th of July you would be required to pay all of your exempt employees for that full week, if they took additional time you can force exempt employees to use accrued paid time off to cover the closure.

What are the three most common types of job discrimination complaints filed by employees?

In order, the top three most common types of complaints filed are retaliation for making a discrimination complaint, racial discrimination, and sex discrimination.

Do I have to allow my employees to use e-cigarettes in the workplace?

With vapor shops popping up on every corner across the US, we are getting asked more and more about the laws and regulations for electronic cigarettes (e-cigarettes). E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that mimic cigarettes by vaporizing a nicotine-laced liquid that is inhaled by the user. The use of e-cigarettes in workplaces and public places is a significant public health concern due to the potential health impact of the vapor on users and bystanders. E-cigarettes are also becoming a compliance issue with smoke-free laws. Most local and state laws were enacted before e-cigarettes were on the market, so while laws regarding cigarette smoking do not clearly mention the e-cigarette, it should be assumed that they are not permitted in the workplace in the same way that smoking cigarettes is not allowed in the workplace.  We suggest if you have designated smoke-free areas those areas should be designated for e-cigarettes as well.


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